The experience of our specialized engineers guarantees correctly planned commissioning, with personal and material safety being guaranteed during the entire process.
The procedure described below enables efficient management and traceability of the difficulties encountered during commissioning.


  • Definition and planning of activities with the participants and in accordance with the specifications and guarantees agreed by the suppliers
  • Creation of the test procedures and the planning of each experiment
  • Control of the transition between the assembly and commissioning stage
  • Implementation of the commissioning tests and coordination of the participants
  • Coordination and planning of the individual processes
  • Management of the planning changes necessary due to the identified problems and the external influences
  • Control and validation of the attempts in the role of technical support or expert
  • Daily communication with all partners involved in the project
  • Creation of the list with the items open at the end of commissioning
  • Creation of a commissioning report

Specific skills

Industrie Montage GbR has pluridisciplinary engineers who specialize in the commissioning of all types of automotive systems and in all services. This wide range of competencies makes Swissindustrie a reliable partner for the coordination of the commissioning.

Customer benefits

Customers who choose this service benefit from:

  • experienced and versatile engineers who can guarantee safe commissioning
  • continuous support from a multidisciplinary engineering office
  • Swissindustrie’s independence from suppliers
  • a view of the operator for the future operation of a system